Sign up

How to sign up:

  1. Read the fiction and our character creation guide. It is a good idea to have the guide open while signing up and delivering your character concept!
  2. Make a character concept and send it to us in our sign up form. The character creation-page tells you how to fill out the form, just follow the steps. If you need help, with the form or with your concept, please contact us!
  3. We will review your character concept as soon as possible, and give you feedback if needed. A general rule is to aim low with the awesomeness. Remember: in Grums no-one is cool, everyone feels bad. When you have an OK from organizers for your concept, you will be sent payment information. You then have one week to pay for the game.

Practical information:

  • Cost: 300 SEK. Due 1 week after character concept is approved.
  • Place: Högkultur Studiefrämjandet, Högdalen, Stockholm (It will also be the local theatre ingame)
  • Dates and times: 30th May 16.00-23.00, 31st may 1200-2300.

Do I have to play all of it? No, but let us know which game slots you want to play in the sign up form. The price is the same no matter how much or little you want to play.