The Larp

Grums by Night is a mini campaign. It means two nights of larping and a chance to play scenes, tabletop/free-form roleplaying style, in between the larps. As a player you can choose to play all three sections of the game or just one or two. There will be time jumps in game between the sections.


Dates: May 30th-31st, Stockholm, Sweden 
Language: whatever you can speak, mainly aimed at a Scandinavian audience. 
Cost: 300 SEK. Due 1 week after character concept is approved.
Place: Högkultur Studiefrämjandet, Högdalen, Stockholm. (The location will be the local Grums theatre in-game)

Last date of sign up: 31st of March

Larp structure:

Thursday 30th:
16:00 Off game info/workshop
(Time for getting into costume and to go eat food will be included)
18:30 Larp part 1 start
22:30 Larp part 1 ends

Friday 31st:
12:00 Tabletop roleplaying sessions start
15:30 Tabletop roleplaying sessions end (latest)
16:00 Off game info/workshop
(Time for getting into costume and to go get food will be included)
18:00 Larp part 2 starts
22:00 Larp part 2 ends
22:00 –  After party!


Grums by Night is set in modern day small-town Sweden. Costumes should mirror character belonging, and the worn-down, dirty feel of the larp. More visual inspiration will be provided shortly.