Mood and playstyle

Not all vampires can be a sexy, powerful and cool Anne Rice-fantasy. Our vision for Grums By Night is to create a larp that embodies the dirty, pathetic, desperate part of the Vampire world, with a nerve of dark humor at it’s core.

You as a player will portray the failures of the vampire world, trapped in Grums like caged animals, trying to make the best of a shit existence. But – being a failure does not mean you are not still a Vampire. Grums is also a place of blood, sex, and drama, just more dirty, more disgusting, and more petty. It is dirty vampire noir meets trailer park meets the worst reality TV show you have ever seen.

We want our participants to play for high drama, play to fuck up, and play on dark themes with sense of humor.

Keywords are dirty, pathetic, desperate, failure, reality show, violence, blood, sex, death, drama.

Some core elements of portraying a vampire in Grums By Night will be:

  • Desperately clinging on to the illusion of being a functional vampire society, holding on to the fantasy that you are a dangerous being of the night. It is all terribly sad, and quite pathetic – and so are you.
  • Trying to climb the social hierarchy by pleasing the twisted mind of the Prince of Grums, Agrippa. Agrippa loves drama, and sees Grums as their own, personal soap opera and reality show. The ones who create the most interesting spectacle, are immediate favorites. Embrace it, and be creative when trying to impress the Prince to save your pathetic life.
  • Participating in The Games. The Games will be a reality show-like competition where the Prince pits clansman against clansman, lover against lover, and friend against friend, in a sick game created for their pleasure. As a player, we want you to embrace the The Games fully, and accept that this is something you have to participate in as an inhabitant of Grums. The rules will not be fair, you will be cheated, back-stabbed, and in the end, it might not be up to you how it goes. You will try to win, but expect to lose.
In Grums, no-one is cool, and everybody feels bad.