→ Can I play my old vampire character from campaign X?

No. But nothing hinders you from making a similar (but probably less badass/opted) concept.

→ Can my character die during the game?

Yes. If you fill in that you are ok with getting killed off before the end of the game. You will then get a new character. At the end of the game, all characters risk facing death .

→ Why can’t I have more than 2 dots on my character sheet?

Because we want everybody to be uncool and underpowered and focus on relation play, creating drama and stabbing each other in the backs in filthy ways. Because we think this supports the vision of the game.

→ Can I do this really fun idea that I thought of?

Yes. Probably. If you are unsure, ask the organisers.

→ I really want to help out in some way how do I do it?

Yay! Write that in your application!

→ I am interested in game mastering some part of this game!

Yay! We particularly need GMs for the tabletop/freeform sectrion in between larps. Write that in your application!