Grums By Night

A larp about being an uncool and unwanted vampire.

Grums by Night is a classical vampire larp in the setting of World of Darkness, and yet it’s not. This larp is not set in the fancy places or big cities of the world. It is not populated with the old, the beautiful, and the dangerous. Our story is set in Grums; a small, foul smelling town in western Sweden. Grums is a place of insignificant vampires; the unwanted, the failures, the scapegoats of mightier players. And here in Grums, they are forced to live their eternity under the rule of a mad Prince; a rule that includes a devastating game of death and destruction. Survival is all anyone can hope for.

Our vision for Grums by Night can be summarized by the simple tagline: no-one is cool, everybody feels bad.  As a player, you will portray the lowest of the low, the scrap in the bottom of the barrel. We promise it will be dirty, disgusting and violent.

The larp is i mini-campaign over two days. It consists of three parts:

– One larp on Thursday May 30th,

– One table-top roleplaying session during daytime Friday 31st,

– One final larp on the evening of Friday 31st.

You can participate in some or all of the events, your choice.

Wanna play?

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/Ane and Anna-Karin

Grums by night is organised by:

Ane Marie Anderson – Mistress of Production

Anna-Karin Linder – Queen of Drama

With the help from:

Arhan Kemal Ağaoğlu – Rules and game desgin

Siri Sandquist – Studiefrämjandet